Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite reduction is the process of evening out the dimpled, irregular appearance of the skin, with the overall goal of creating a smoother texture. 

Cellulite is super common, perfectly normal, and harmless — but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to fix it! Many women with cellulite opt for reduction to achieve smoother skin that makes them feel more attractive and confident. As with any treatment, if the results make you happier when you look in the mirror, it’s well worth it! 

If you’re looking at your cellulite and wondering “Why me?” you should know you’re far from alone. It’s estimated that 85-90% of women have at least some amount of cellulite, and many are concerned with it and want to reduce it in some way.(1) 

Luckily, there are several effective options for treating cellulite, from lasers to dermal fillers to radiofrequency treatments. And as technology improves, new solutions are being developed all the time. Dr. Grunberg is committed to offering her patients in San Antonio and beyond the most advanced treatments available. In fact, we’re offering the popular FDA-approved cellulite reduction treatment called Qwo. So, if you have cellulite, rest assured that you have options. 

At Alluring Aesthetics, we offer many effective treatments when it comes to reducing and improving the appearance of cellulite. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wendie Grunberg has over a decade of experience not only removing and improving the look of cellulite, but also with a wide range of other cosmetic treatments and plastic surgeries. She takes an artistic approach to her treatments, which means your procedure will be personalized and perfectly matched for your body and your goals

As a patient of Alluring Aesthetics, you’ll be in good hands with our team of experts, all led by Dr. Grunberg! Start your transformation into a more confident you by giving us a call at (210) 714-5390. Or, visit our contact page and send us a message. 

All About Cellulite Reduction

So, how does cellulite form? Unfortunately, we’re still figuring out all of the main causes of cellulite, and why it occurs more severely in some than others. We know this for certain: the lumpy appearance of cellulite comes from the fibrous septae, connective bands of tissue that attach the skin to the underlying tissues. When they contract, they pull the skin down, causing dimples to form. What causes the changes to these bands is still in question, but it’s suspected that estrogen has something to do with it. However, we do know this: cellulite is completely harmless, extremely common, and no one likes it!

Because of hormonal fluctuations, women that are 35 or older generally have the most severe cellulite. Still, it’s extremely common among all women regardless of age, genetics, or overall health. 

There are several different ways we can go about reducing the appearance of cellulite. The good news is, they are generally non-or minimally invasive and quick-healing, which means you won’t have to take weeks off of work for recovery.

Here’s a look at the treatments we offer for cellulite reduction.

Energy-Based Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Body contouring treatments are also effective ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. We offer two extremely effective procedures for cellulite that use radio frequency energy. Energy-based treatments like BodyFX and FORMA use radiofrequency (RF) waves. These treatments send this energy through the skin, heating up the deep layers of the dermis. This helps to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production — two things that are essential for improving the texture of skin and appearance of cellulite. 

For the best results, both require 6-8 treatments. They’re also both safe, non-invasive, and will allow you to return to your daily routine without skipping a beat! 

Injectable Cellulite Reduction Treatments (Dermal Fillers and QWO)

Another option to reduce the appearance of cellulite is dermal fillers. Fillers are great for, well, filling in indentations or dimples in the skin. They’re typically used for the face, but some are effective for the other parts of the body that are prone to cellulite, because the filler can be strategically injected to even out the skin and make it appear smoother. We use a specific type of filler called Sculptra that not only fills out the cellulite dimples, but also triggers the skin to produce more collagen. This leads to natural thickening and strengthening of the skin, and smooth results!  

Qwo is a brand new FDA-approved injectable treatment, that is specifically designed to improve cellulite. This injectable contains an enzyme that breaks down the septae causing cellulite dimples, and is administered directly into the area of concern.

In fact, two recent clinical studies of Qwo found that out of the ~700 women given treatment, more than half reported being satisfied with their results, and found themselves worrying less about their cellulite. The same studies showed Qwo is well tolerated with a strong safety profile and very few side effects.(2) 

From the tried-and-true to the new-and-improved, we’re serious about solving cellulite. The team at Alluring Aesthetics will be able to recommend the best approach — or combination of several — for each patient based on the severity of their cellulite, their expectations, and an expert professional opinion. To read more about the exceptional results that patients have enjoyed after their procedures at Alluring Aesthetics, visit our patient reviews page.

The Ideal Candidate

One of the best things about cellulite reduction is the treatments involved are minimally invasive. You won’t need anesthesia, you won’t need to recover from surgery, and you won’t need to take tons of time off of work. This means there’s far less required to make you an ideal candidate for any of the treatments. 

If you’ve been concerned or feel down about your cellulite for months or years — especially if it’s affecting the way you live your life or see yourself, it’s time to think about taking action! Just like with any aesthetic procedure, the ideal candidate is in good overall health without any underlying medical conditions. If you’re not sure if you’re an ideal candidate for cellulite reduction, we’ll give an assessment before any treatment to confirm!

It’s also important you come into your procedure with realistic expectations. Alluring Aesthetics has a track record of great results and many happy patients, but there’s no such thing as magic cures. We spend time with each patient so that they’re informed about what out treatments can do, how they do it, and the kind of results that can be expected. We want you to be thrilled with your results. 


The way you prepare for cellulite reduction is going to depend on what treatment you’re getting. Once Dr. Grunberg works out your own treatment plan, she’ll fill you in on exactly what you need to do leading up to your procedure(s). Luckily, the treatments we offer are minimally-invasive, so getting ready for your appointment is simple. Make sure to stay hydrated and eat healthy leading up to your procedure!


When you come in for an injectable cellulite reduction treatment, you’ll be given medication or a topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. QWO is injected directly into the cellulite dimples of the buttocks, and up to 24 dimples can be targeted per injection session. Sculptra will be injected beneath the skin to smooth out the area.  These injections are fast, but final results will become visible gradually, and several sessions of Qwo are often needed for optimal results. 

Patients that opt for an energy-based solution for cellulite will be made comfortable, and the gentle energy will be applied to the treatment are with a handheld device that allows your technician to precisely target and improve instances of cellulite. 

These cellulite treatments will take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, and your technician will ensure you’re comfortable the entire time. 

The details of your cellulite reduction procedure will depend on the personalized treatment plan that is designed for you at your personal consultation. This will include the number of sessions you can anticipate, and how soon you’ll be able to see results. 

After Cellulite Reduction

All treatments we offer for cellulite reduction are non- or minimally invasive, which means you won’t have to worry about downtime after your procedure. If you opt for energy-based treatments like BodyFX or FORMA, you may have slight redness that should dissipate within 24 hours. For injectables like Sculptra and QWO, you can expect some light bruising or swelling, so be sure to apply a cold compress if needed. Whatever treatment you get, you can go back to your daily activities right after leaving the clinic! 


You may see some slight results immediately after a treatment of BodyFX or FORMA. But the real magic happens over the next few months. After around 2-3 months the real results start showing, and you’ll notice tighter, smoother skin with a more even texture. To get the best possible long-term outcome, we recommend you get 6-8 procedures. With minimal downtime, you won’t have to wait long between these repeat procedures — typically 1-2 weeks

When it comes to Sculptra, which is designed to boost collagen in the skin, expect to wait around 6 weeks before the effects begin to kick in. Depending on the size of the treatment and the severity of your cellulite, we recommend 6-8 repeat injections for the best results possible.  For QWO injectables, you can expect to start seeing effects in about 3 weeks, with results getting better overtime. Depending on the initial results and Dr. Grunberg’s assessment, you may or may not require additional treatments. In most cases, though, patients receive 3 QWO treatments spaced around 3 weeks apart. 

How Much Does Cellulite Reduction Cost in San Antonio? 

The main deciding factor of cost is the type of treatment used during the procedure. No single patient procedure is exactly alike, because every patient is unique. Someone with severe cellulite may want multiple parts of their body treated over the course of several procedures. Others may just want a small area treated. In any case, you’ll receive an accurate estimate for your specific cellulite reduction treatment following your personal consultation. 

Ready to get rid of that cellulite for good? Choose the experts at Alluring Aesthetics. Learn more and schedule your consultation by calling our office at (210) 714-5390, or sending us a message on our site! 


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