Qwo Cellulite Treatment

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Qwo Cellulite Treatment

Qwo is a brand new injectable cellulite treatment that presents a safe and simple solution to “cottage cheese” thighs and “orange peel” buttocks. We all want smooth and sexy skin, but troublesome cellulite can be difficult to address without targeting the root of the problem. Until recently, more invasive procedures were the only sure way to treat cellulite. But Qwo changes the game because it is an injectable cellulite treatment that makes a sleek and creamy backside as easy as getting a routine shot. 

Minimally Invasive, Injectable Cellulite Reduction is Here!

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Effectively Smooth Away Cellulite

It should come as no surprise to some to learn that cellulite can be extremely difficult to get rid of. The exact cause of this embarrassing skin condition is still not known but it is very likely the result of a confluence of factors including one’s personal genetics, anatomy and lifestyle. Exercise alone and topical treatments do not stand a chance because cellulite starts beneath the skin. Therefore, any effective cellulite treatment must act upon the collagen cords strung like guitar strings between the muscles and the epidermis. 

Qwo is the first minimally invasive treatment approved by the FDA to effectively smooth away the ridged and pitted texture of cellulite.

Qwo contains an injectable enzyme that gently dissolves the taut collagen cords that dimple the skin’s surface.[1] In the past, only more involved treatments involving small incisions could effectively “cut the cord” on cellulite. For the first time, Qwo offers an alternative that does not include any cutting, so your recovery, discomfort and downtime are all significantly minimized.     

Why Do I Have Cellulite?

It is a good question, but one not easily answered, because doctors have not yet identified a single, definable cause for cellulite. The likeliest culprit may be a variety of issues all working in concert to create the unsightly features we all associate with cellulite. Although cellulite appears in people of all body types and BMIs, excess fat does play a role. When fat builds up beneath the skin it creates tension in the collagen bands attached to the skin. Losing weight may not have an impact on cellulite because the body creates and stores fat according to its own idiosyncratic patterns. Topical creams, lotions and potions are only superficial snake oil that will not solve the problem at all. Of what little is known, women appear more likely to suffer from cellulite because of gender differences in the structure of the skin.   


Qwo Cellulite Treatment

Qwo fills a long-awaited gap in the current landscape of cellulite treatments. Procedures like Cellulaze and Cellfina are very effective but also invasive because the collagen cords under the skin are physically snipped or incinerated by way of a set of small incisions. These procedures can be painful and they often include some sort of recovery. But Qwo minimizes trauma to the surrounding tissue by chemically dissolving the cat’s cradle of collagen lines that latch to both skin and muscle. There are no incisions necessary when it comes to Qwo because it is an injectable treatment administered by way of a simple syringe. Qwo requires no anesthesia, aftercare or recovery time.    


It is an unfortunate fact of biology that women experience an increased incidence of cellulite compared to men. This may have to do with subtle contrasts in how collagen is arranged between the genders. In women, the collagen cords stand vertically, so the tension within each cord is more easily expressed at the skin’s surface. In men, this same collagen is arranged in a crisscross pattern that doesn’t seem to affect skin texture so easily. 

Although the patient’s weight may have some say about when or if cellulite may appear, collagen is present in women of all sizes and BMIs. Since Qwo directly targets these collagen bands, most women can be qualified candidates for Qwo injections. Although if you are pregnant, plan to be pregnant or are breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before considering Qwo.[2]   

Personal Consultation

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Qwo injections dramatically simplify cellulite reduction because they are minimally invasive and easy to administer. Therefore, Qwo eliminates the need for extensive preparation beyond some common-sense precautions. We strongly advise that you abstain from medications and supplements that can thin the blood for a couple of weeks before your first Qwo session. Qwo’s corrosive enzymes are likely to cause some bruising in the treatment area while it works on dissolving the collagen bands beneath the skin. Blood-thinning medicine can make this bruising significantly worse, so please consult with us about your medication regimen before committing to a sequence of treatments with Qwo.     

A Simple Sequence of Treatments

To experience optimal results, Qwo is best administered through a sequence of three treatments spaced three weeks apart.[3] As each session initiates, one of our capable team of expert injectors will delineate the bumps and dimples along your backside with a medical marker. These “Xs and Os” will serve as a guide for your injections so that the product is placed in the areas will it will do the most good. 

Qwo requires no numbing anesthesia and each session lasts only about 10 minutes. Your Qwo treatments will be brief but effective because a talented nurse injector can treat between 12 and 24 cellulite dimples in a single session!

An Effortless Recovery

qwo cellulite treatment

Because Qwo injectable cellulite treatments are minimally invasive, you won’t have to endure any downtime during your easy, effortless recovery. Your treatment area will be tender to the touch, however, as the enzymes gently work beneath the skin. Qwo performs best over a span of time, so you should expect to see your skin’s texture gradually improve in the days immediately following your session. 

There will be some bruising while you recover. The good news is that bruising and soreness will be less significant after each Qwo treatment. While you heal, it may be wise to avoid wearing revealing clothing until your purple blemishes sufficiently fade. 

Refined Results

For the best results, Qwo treatment are usually scheduled in a sequence of three sessions which are spaced about three weeks apart. Qwo’s active enzymes work slowly and gradually, so your results will not be immediate, but they will be long-lasting.  

After about six weeks, your Qwo treatments will conclude and your final results should emerge. These results will last at least a year, if not longer. In some cases, cellulite reduction may even be permanent because, once severed, the collagen cords will not return with the same prolific abundance.  

How Much Does Qwo Cost in San Antonio?

Minimally invasive collagen reduction is within your reach at Alluring Aesthetics in San Antonio, Texas. Our suite of treatments are all customized to you, so schedule a visit with us to see if Qwo can provide a solution to your cellulite-related woes. Our specials page is regularly updated with exclusive deals, so you’re sure to get the best price for the highest quality care


Is Qwo permanent?

The FDA confirms that Qwo’s silky smooth results can last a year, or longer. After Qwo’s gently corrosive enzymes dissolve the taut cords of collagen under the skin, they are unlikely to return with the same intensity. In many instances, Qwo’s minimally invasive collagen reduction is permanent, so it’s safe to consider Qwo a long-term investment. 


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