About Alluring Aesthetics

Offered at our convenient location in San Antonio, TX

Dr. Wendie Grunberg

While growing up in a household where art was a major focus, I have learned to approach each person as a unique canvas helping you reveal the best version of you. My passion is body sculpting with VASER liposuction, but my staff will say I am excellent at breast surgery, especially large breast reductions. As Nora Ephron says, “Believe me. If [you] look good, it’s not an accident.” 

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful- this will be my life,”

Elsie de Wolfe

Kaley Hyatt

Kaley is the Medical Aesthetician and Patient Coordinator here at Alluring Aesthetics. She has been in the aesthetic field for 5+ years. She loves to build confidence in patients so that they can ditch the heavy foundation and filters to cover their flaws. Helping patients get healthy, glowing skin is her goal. Her motto is “Building Confidence Without A Filter”. She loves spending one on one time with patients preparing them for surgery or procedure and making sure their visit here goes smoothly. 

Outside of Alluring Aesthetics you can catch Kaley at Team Roping supporting her boyfriend, Will. She is a dog mom to Titan the boxer and Tipsee the toy aussie. She enjoys  the lake and river when it’s warm outside. Kaley is an online shopping addict and will never pass up chips and queso and a margarita. 

Come see Kaley at Alluring Aesthetics and let her start your skin care transformation or talk about any procedures or surgeries that are performed at Alluring Aesthetics.