Stacking Procedures

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Stacking procedures refers to receiving multiple cosmetic treatments at one time to improve your results. This allows patients to safely and effectively change or improve the contour and overall skin quality of an area of the body. Surgeons strategically plan their approach to cluster complementary treatments to extend and increase a patient’s outcome. This often requires performing different therapies on one specific part of the body at one time, or focusing on corresponding areas

Located in San Antonio, TX, Alluring Aesthetics is a cosmetic surgery center headed by Dr. Wendie Grunberg. Dr. Grunberg has experience in many fields of cosmetic medicine, both surgical and nonsurgical. She is equipped to create a customized treatment plan that suits your specific needs and achieves your aesthetic desires. Please schedule a private consultation with her today by calling Alluring Aesthetics at (210) 714-5390. You may also fill out our contact form to get started. 

All About Stacking Procedures

In recent years, a combination procedure protocol known as the “mommy makeover” has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery options because of its convenience and striking results. Stacking treatments, even when they are non-surgical, is a great way to get the most out of your cosmetic experience, while tackling widespread concerns in one single visit. (1)

Dr. Grunberg offers many different popular combinations of cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic treatments available to patients. Although it is well-known that some surgical procedures are commonly combined, patients can also improve results by adding a nonsurgical treatment to their plan. This typically saves patients time and money, making the more involved recovery process worthwhile. (2) For those looking to enhance their buttocks, Dr. Grunberg recommends stacking Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) with Moxi, Morpheus8, or both to achieve optimal results.

What is a BBL? 

One of the simplest ways to stack procedures is to focus on a certain area of concern and combine treatments to change or improve its contour. A BBL is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing healthy fat cells from the body and safely placing it into the buttocks to add shape to the area. Dr. Grunberg performs fat grafting using liposuction, carefully removing unwanted fat from the abdomen, back, hips/love handles, arms, or thighs. She places the extracted fat into a centrifuge machine that spins rapidly to separate and clean the tissue. After the healthy cells separate from the surrounding blood and debris, she injects the viable fat into the buttocks. 

This process allows patients to sculpt and contour other areas of the body while improving a patient’s bottom simultaneously. A BBL increases the size and enhances the contour of the area, but it cannot provide extensive skin tightening. To receive their desired results and better accentuate their new buttocks shape, Dr. Grunberg typically adds aesthetic treatments to their procedure plan.


Utilizing fractionated light, Moxi laser treatments tighten treated skin and reduce signs of aging. Laser treatments can be a great addition to a BBL because of their ability to smooth and resurface tissue. Moxi in particular uses non-ablative light to create micro-injuries to the internal layers of the skin, leaving the outermost epidermis intact. As Dr. Grunberg passes the laser over the buttocks, the targeted light instigates collagen production, tightening the skin from the inside out


Another popular non-surgical skin treatment that Dr. Grunberg offers is Morpheus8. This combination treatment utilizes radio-frequency and microneedling technologies to resurface and revitalize the skin. This device creates microchannels in the subdermal layer of the skin with the microneedles, then heats up the area with radio-frequency to produce new collagen and elastin fibers. Whether in tandem with Moxi or alone, Morpheus8 is a great additional treatment to tighten the buttocks and enhance support within the skin’s layers.

Benefits of Stacking Procedures

The benefits of stacking procedures include:

  • Improves overall results
  • Typically more cost-effective
  • Only one recovery
  • Less downtime
  • Highly customizable
  • Catered toward your needs

One of the biggest benefits of stacking procedures is that patients need only receive anesthesia once. They undergo multiple treatments in the same surgery which saves time and money. Though there are many important considerations when thinking about stacking procedures, it is generally safer to go under sedation or anesthetic once rather than twice. 

Dr. Grunberg takes into consideration your current medical state and desired results while planning your procedure to ensure her practices are safe and result in optimal outcomes. 

Ideal Candidates

You must be in good overall health to qualify for a combination procedure. Since you are under anesthesia for a longer period of time, you must not have any underlying medical conditions that could complicate surgery or interfere with recovery. You must have reasonable and reachable expectations about your perceived outcome. All potential candidates for stacking procedures should be nonsmokers, or willing to quit at least four weeks before the surgery date. Your cosmetic concerns must be located in or very close to one area of the body. 

Initial Consultation with Dr. Grunberg

Dr. Grunberg will meet with you privately to discuss your candidacy for a stacked procedure. She will ask about your medical history, your current physical health, and cosmetic concerns. Your candid cooperation will help her create and present a procedure plan that is curated specifically toward your needs. This appointment will greatly improve your overall experience and give you both a chance to ask and answer all necessary questions. Dr. Grunberg will take care to explain the details of your procedure plan to ensure you are comfortable and informed before the end of this consultation. Then, a member of her talented staff will help you schedule your surgery and follow-up appointments at Alluring Aesthetics.

How To Prepare for a Stacked Procedure

Before your stacked procedure, you must:

  • Avoid NSAIDs (eg. ibuprofen)
  • Avoid Supplements (eg. ginseng)
  • Stop Drinking Alcohol
  • Stop Tobacco/Nicotine Use
  • Undergo Blood Tests
  • Take Work Off
  • Prepare Your Home
  • Acquire Transportation
  • Pick Up Prescriptions
  • Prepare Easy Meals

Stacked Procedure Process

Dr. Grunberg and her team will prepare you for surgery by marking the treatment areas and administering general anesthesia to keep you comfortable. She performs the procedure according to your treatment plan, focusing on safety and efficiency. During a BBL, she makes small incisions and infiltrates the treatment areas with tumescent fluid to break up fat. She inserts a liposuction cannula (hollow tube) that utilizes suction to remove the unwanted tissue. After centrifugation, she injects the fat into the bottucks area to add volume.

Once the surgery portion is through, Dr. Grunberg performs the requested aesthetic treatments on the area. Whether that be Moxi, Morpheus8, or both, this procedure step happens after achieving  the new buttocks shape. She smooths the skin by passing the treatment over the tissues, making sure to target areas of concern. During the last procedure step, she places a compression garment around the buttocks to preserve the results and curb swelling.

BBLs typically take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to complete depending on the patient. 

One Recovery

You may go home to start your recovery after a brief monitoring period. Your compression garment must be worn according to the specific directions in your treatment plan. She provides detailed instructions to ensure a smooth healing period. BBL incisions do not usually require stitches, but keep the areas clean to avoid irritation.

Recovery after stacking procedures can be slightly more complicated than healing after just one. Follow Dr. Grunberg’s instructions very closely and take gentle walks to prevent blood clots. Avoid all heavy lifting and vigorous activities until your surgical team clears you. Stay hydrated and do not drive a vehicle until completely through with all prescription pain medications.

Streamlined Results

Stacking procedures leads to comprehensive and streamlined results. They may not be visible until your swelling subsides. This typically takes six to eight weeks depending on the procedure. Results are long-lasting, and you can maintain them easily by implementing a healthy diet and exercise routine.

How Much Does Stacking Procedures Cost in San Antonio?

The total price of a stacked procedure is dependent on the chosen surgeries, surgical personnel fees, and general anesthetic costs. During your initial consultation, Dr. Grunberg will explain your cost breakdown in detail.

Schedule a meeting with her today by calling us at (210) 714-5390 or by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you.


How long do the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift last?

After the recovery period, the results of a BBL typically last several years. The transferred fat cells are permanent and may remain there indefinitely depending on your body’s processes and other environmental factors.

Can stacking plastic surgery procedures with additional treatment achieve dramatic transformations?

Yes, combining surgical procedures and minimally-invasive treatments in a stacking approach allows for a more transformative outcome compared to addressing one concern at a time. Where a BBL transforms the shape and volume of the buttocks, laser treatments or microneedling improve the surrounding skin.

How long does recovery from stacking plastic surgery procedures take?

The duration of recovery for stacking plastic surgery procedures can vary depending on several factors, including the specific combination of treatments, individual healing rates, and adherence to postoperative instructions. In general, patients can expect a period of several weeks for initial recovery, followed by continued improvement over several months. 


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