Breast Enhancement

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Preview Your Results

If you’re considering a procedure, you know in your mind what you want your results to look like. However, being able to communicate that clearly to your doctor – and to know for sure what type of results you can expect – isn’t always that easy. That’s why we use industry-leading technology from Crisalix to help our patients show us exactly what they want.

Crisalix is a revolutionary program that allows you to preview in three dimensions the likely results of your surgery. This intuitive software uses your own photos – uploaded from your phone, tablet, or digital camera – to predict what you will look like after a successful procedure. Using powerful tools, you can experiment with how you want your face and body to look, learning what procedures it will take to help you get there.

Crisalix puts power back into the patients’ hands, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with it. To learn more about how we use Crisalix to help you prep for and predict the results of your procedures, click here!